Private Events at Upper Shirley

Upper Shirley’s Low Country-style winery with sweeping porches and stunning views was built for first-class entertaining. A quick twenty-minute drive from Richmond or Williamsburg along scenic Highway 5 and across remote country roads and you'll arrive at our main venue, strategically built on one of the most scenic bends of the James River. Large party or small, fancy or casual, we have the space, options and river-vineyard vibes to accommodate any celebration or event you can imagine.

Inside and out, you'll find a number of elegant spaces ideal for any celebration or gathering. Now that the cold weather is upon us, we wanted to give you a party organizer's walk-through of our indoor spaces, including various booking options for our Tasting Room and Banquet Room.

Even if your event idea seems off the wall, we always try to accommodate whenever possible. If you have a private event in mind, would like a tour of the space, or if you're curious as to whether or not our venue can accommodate your unique idea, shoot us an email or give us a ring – with new musical acts playing in the tasting room almost every weekend from 1:00 to 4:00pm, you have the perfect excuse to join us on the river to check out the space.

The Tasting Room

To the left of the venue's entrance, the foyer spills into our vibrant tasting room, a large, elegantly styled area with high ceilings, long tables, a large fireplace and lounge area, windows lining the walls, and, of course, a wine bar with dedicated servers, the ideal space for smaller celebrations and dinner events.

  • Serves up to 40 guests
  • Unique menu options from our award-winning chef
  • Minimum decoration options available
  • Opens to the back patio and fire pit
  • Dedicated bartenders and servers
  • Available most days after the venue closes at 5pm

The tasting area can accommodate up to forty guests comfortably, with more options available for larger groups if needed. You'll have access to the back patio area, which overlooks the James River, and the connecting patio and fire pit. This is a great option for dinner parties, after work events, and more. For those seeking transportation, we also have relationships with local bus services that can take car of all those traveling needs so you can take it easy and indulge in as much food and wine as you desire.

Tasting room reservations or inquiries, contact Kaitlyn Everett, General Manager, at

The Banquet Room

To the right of the venue's entrance, our exclusive Banquet Room, complete with elegant dining tables and decor designed to make your celebration the most memorable of affairs. The high-ceilings and walls are ideal for decorations, and the floors are kept squeaky clean for high-class occasions or ideal shuffle surface for dancing occasions.

  • Serves up to 200 guests. Can be scaled down with tasteful screens for smaller groups or scaled up by combing spaces with the tasting room
  • Unique menu options from our award-winning chef
  • The space is yours – decoration options, bands, DJs, and other extras only limited by your imagination
  • Opens onto the back porch and large back patio overlooking the river
  • Dedicated bartenders and servers
  • Available most weekdays and some weekends, including when tasting room is open

We'll have all that's needed to provide for 200+ guests, including wine, banquet tables, coverings, and original dining menu options from our award winning Chef Carlisle, one of the top chefs in Virginia and recently featured in the Fire, Flour & Fork tour!

Banquet room reservations and inquiries, contact Miranda Bricker, Director of Events, at