Colin & Caroline | Musical Duo

Meet Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck, together they form Colin & Caroline. This folk rock, acoustic duo is wowing listeners with a blend of guitar licks and soothing voices that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. Natives of Richmond, they’re the perfect musical compliment to our stunning riverfront panoramas, divine wine, and delicious culinary creations by Chef Carlisle.

Colin and Caroline both attended Trinity Episcopal School but then diverged to pursue their own sound and discover their love of music individually. But when they reconnected at a local spot  in Richmond, the magic started. The duo began by making silky, stripped down covers of their favorite songs, including their first YouTube video, a dreamy version of the manic Brit rock hit “I Believe in a Little Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. With over 200,000 views, it is clear that Colin & Caroline are on to something. Both talented acoustic guitarists with leading voices—she with a touch of the sultry, he with a warm depth—when they harmonize sparks fly. Comments on YouTube reveal that multiple brides used Colin & Caroline’s magnetic version of “I Believe in a Little Thing Called Love” to walk down the aisle to. “It was completely perfect and totally us,” one remarked. “I couldn't have asked for a better song to use.”



Colin & Caroline have covered artists such as The Lumineers, Radiohead, and Adele; all with their own inventive style. They continue to reinvent favorite hits, but they now also have a set of catchy originals. With their YouTube success, their music was added to other music services like Spotify and iTunes, propelling their music career forward. With almost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, their collaborations are not only brilliant but widespread. By reaching countries like Brazil, Germany, Singapore, and Portugal, their music is electrifying the world.

In Richmond, they've performed for adoring crowds at the Boathouse at Sunday Park, the Watermelon Festival, and the Beacon Theater; but now it's our turn. On September 25th and October 8th, Upper Shirley Vineyards welcomes Colin & Caroline to cast their bewitching acoustic spell on our restaurant and vineyard—don’t miss this.

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