Winter Is Loving

It's winter in Richmond, a time traditionally known for hatches battened down, fires turned up, vacant streets, and a descending darkness on both our psyche and our day lengths. Well, winter did indeed arrive, and it turns out Jon Snow was a bit overzealous in his predictions – there are no white walkers, the cold, save that one week of record lows and heavy snows, has been more-or-less modest, and in light of all these things, the darkness doesn't seem so bad after all.

Still, it can be difficult to break old habits. So we wanted to provide a bit of encouragement with a taste of what's on the calendar this winter with the hope that we can coax you out to the river with us. We encourage a thorough reading – there's a hint at the end of an epic celebration for somebody's big first birthday...

The Tastes


Tuesday, February 14th, (6-10pm): "All About the Love" Valentine's Day Prix Fixe Dinner! One Prix Fixe to rule them all. The theme is love – the flavors of love, the textures of love, the sounds of love, and the combinations of food and wine that help to navigate the emotions through the discomfort of vulnerability to unabashed pleasure.

Your taste buds will fall head over heals for the flavors they'll experience throughout the night. For dinner, you'll be guided through three courses (two options each) that feature the freshest local ingredients in the area (Full menu here).

We've already received such a large response that we decided to move the event to the Banquet Room! More tables, more space, and more seats – thank Cupid!

As for the surprise mentioned in the teaser, this evening will include a performance by the acoustic duo Colin & Caroline on the Banquet Room stage! Their romantic sounds will serenade as your food's savorful flavors delight – a sensual escalation that will have you feeling like you're soaring by the time you saunter off with your sweetheart. (Seven rhyming S's in one sentence – supremely sensational!) $59 per person. Reservation Only. (804) 829-9463

The Tunes

The Vineyard Vibes Winter Music Series is off and jamming! Each weekend, our tasting room features some of the best local acts to pair with our Award-Winning food and wine. Here's a look at the schedule:




Saturday, January 28 (1-4pm): Music from Issac FriendHis originals will draw in the dreamers and lovers, while his cover songs are infectious, taking you from Bill Withers to Tame Impala. If you're lucky, he may even break out the harmonica for some folk-inspired covers à la Bob Dylan. Check him out here.

Sunday, January 29 (1-4pm): Texas Blues Music from Phil Gibbs – A bit of acoustic strumming with a hint of twang in them lyrics, Phil Gibbs is known to lure even the most self-assured folks out on the dance floor – the wine bar will be open, of course, which we recommend for those seeking liquid courage or relaxation.

Saturday, Feb. 4 (1-4pm): Bluegrass Music from Pat Keefe – One of Richmond's most promising musical sons, Pat has been playing throughout the area for years, and is known as one of the best bluegrass singer/songwriters in the area. Check him out here!

Sunday, Feb. 5 (1-4pm): Shear Luck, Acoustic Duo –  Could they be the next Simon and Garfunkel?! NO! There will never be another Simon and Garfunkel. But they've got the talent to be something special of their own, and have quietly become known as the most promising acoustic duo in Virginia.



Sunday, Feb. 12 (1-4pm): R&B and Pop Music from Andrew Rohlk – Think John Mayer meets John Legend (listen here).  Andrew's songs feature vignettes of a life detailing in love, loss, worries, wishes, and wisdom. What other excuse do you need to head to the country and drink some delicious wine by the river?!

Saturday, Feb. 18 (1-4pm): Music from Buster Bohannan and Friends – A sound faintly reminiscent of those amazing 90s alt-rock songs that used to turn over inside your head long after the tape had ended (Listen to this one called Peace, Love, and Understanding and you'll see what we mean). Joining Buster will be members of the famed RVA groups The Sleepwalkers and Trillions.

Sunday, Feb. 19 (1-4pm): Blues Music from Justin Golden – Justin Golden, blues singer / songwriter extraordinaire from RVA, returns to Upper Shirley to play a little soul back into those wintery bones! He'll be set up fire-side singing originals, unique covers, and everything in between.

Sunday, Feb. 26 (1-4pm): Texas Blues Music from Phil Gibbs – Singer/songwriter Philip Gibbs returns with that Texas country blues.

The Teaser


Who's turning one at the end of February?! I said who's turning one at the end of February?! We are?!?! Is it us? YEAH IT IS! Saturday, February 25th is our FIRST BIRTHDAY, and boy-oh-boy what a year it has been! To celebrate, we're throwing a bash by the river to thank all those people who have helped raise us into the handsome young winery we've become. (At least according to our mother.) There will be food. There will be music. And oh yes, there will be wine (It's legal for vineyards to drink at birth). Rest assured, we'll have all the hootenanny essentials. Keep your calendars clear and your ear to the ground so you know what's comingdetails coming soon.