Getting Our Green On - Earth Day 2015

Call it a celebration of Earth Day, or a major milestone in construction, but today was a pop the bubbly day at USV; we are finally getting under roof. Al Cobb, owner of PanelWrights and recent President of SIPA, the Structural Insulated Panel Association and Director of the SIPs School, was onsite to supervise the installation of our winery roof. When we asked Al why he, the leading expert in the nation on SIPs, would personally come out to see a relatively small job with his national and sometimes international travel schedule, he said: “It doesn’t take much prodding to get me to come to a winery.” Al is our kind of guy.

SIPs are like an ice cream sandwich of expanded polystyrene foam between two layers of particle board. Their rigidity combined with their exceptional insulation value and low impact to manufacture, have made learning how to maximize the potential of these panels a top priority among architects and builders. After all, almost 40% of all energy is used by buildings. We are proud to utilize this energy saving feature in our new winery.
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