Come See the Babe on the Lawn


 It has been far too long since I last posted here, but it has been a busy and exciting spring. Not only did we have our second birthday bash and launch our new wine club—the Zachariah Society—but we added a new feature to our back lawn . . . .

You might not think a 1950s-era travel trailer fits into our timeless view of the James River with its nesting eagles and mammoth leaping sturgeon, but we love our vintage Shasta. It places us in the landscape and reminds us of our great need for travel, new experiences, and the kind of camaraderie best achieved on a leisurely road trip to a remote and beautiful place. Locally built in RVA by the Cozy Caravan (they rent them as well for special occasions, link here), our version, which we affectionately call “The Babe,” for its inviting nature and sleek good looks, allows us to serve our wine and a selection of Chef Carlisle’s latest delicacies al fresco on beautiful sunny days. Whether you’re grabbing a crab cake sandwich fresh off the grill and a glass of our Sparkling Rosé from the side counter or just wistfully gazing out on it from the porch, we think you’re gonna love the Babe as much as we do. Come on out and have a gander.

It’s been rainy as heck this spring (almost 20 inches since bud break) but the vineyards are looking, well, bushy… fear not; Ryan Swann, vineyard manager extraordinaire has things well in hand. And the outrageous amount of rain has actually done wonders to get our baby replant vines off to a robust start.  

Our spring garden is busting at the seams with herbs, squash, zucchini, melons, peppers and more. We had edible flowers until a very talented line cook, Cole, pulled them out mistaking them for weeds. As we say down south, “Bless his heart.”  (We love you, Cole! Keep on cookin’ the way you cook.)

Of course, Carlisle and Ernie have been busy in the kitchen dreaming up new and ever more wonderful dishes, inspired by the South and blessed with the bounty of our region. We have just rolled out our Summer menu, our tenth in less than 2 ½ years. We live cheek by jowl with the vines and the seasons out here and these two make an art of  taking advantage of what our garden and our many treasured local partners can provide.

Oh, yeah, the Zachariah Society. More than 50 of our most dedicated patrons have joined the family by signing up for our wine club. Buy a case or mixed case of our big reds (10% discount) and you can automatically be enrolled in our inaugural list (whose names we plan to enshrine in a plaque for perpetuity!). You’ll be eligible for our four annual launch parties as well as special discounts. This is our way of saying we appreciate you and value our long-term relationship. Please sign up today. It means so much to us.