After my husband proposed before Thanksgiving 2016, we had a long car ride to my family in NJ to decide where we wanted to tie the knot. We tossed around ideas of touring various churches & venues in NJ, PA, GA, SC, & VA. Blame it on being architects, what it all came down to was selecting a place that embodied a modern aesthetic with southern charm. When we decided to stay in VA, Upper Shirley Vineyards stole our hearts as soon as we drove down their cotton lined dusty roads. We went for a tour and absolutely loved the venue - but what sold it for us was the wine tasting. Not only is the wine some of the best we've tasted in VA, but Tayloe was extremely hospitable during it as he described his part in designing the vineyard and his passion for making Upper Shirley Vineyards one of the best on the east coast. The vineyard is situated on the James River with long yet wide decks perfect for sipping your favorite glass of wine & relaxing. The building is reminiscent of a modern SC farmhouse (with deck ceilings that are painted blue), mixed with a dash of colonial Virginia making it the perfect winery venue. Our guests still give us compliments from our April 2018 wedding and said USV was one of the most beautiful venues they've ever been to. The excellent wine, delicious food options, breathtaking views, and ease of working with the staff truly made having USV as our venue the highlight of our wedding!

-Courtney Mack, Bride